Demist your windscreen quickly this winter

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Published on
December 6, 2022
A male drivers hands holding the steering wheel across the top while the wiper blades are going across the misty screen while the rain pours down on the car reducing visbility
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Winter is coming

Is there anything worse than getting into your car on a cold winter’s morning, running late for work, only to be sat in front of a screen of mist that essentially immobilises you. Get on your way with a clear windscreen this winter by applying Big Warranties' 3 step method to ensuring your windscreen clears quickly.

However, understanding why our cars become misty can further help grasp how to reverse the process.

Why do windscreens and windows mist up?

The answer is scientific yet simple. When the windows themselves are colder than the air inside the car, the moisture in the air inside the car condenses onto the cold windscreen. This then causes the glass to mist up.

So, how do we clear this quickly? 

How to clear your windscreen in 3 steps

1.      Turn your heater up

Slowly, starting with a colder temperature, let the heater start to circulate cold air around your car and direct at the windscreen and windows – then over the next couple of minutes slowly increase the temperature.

2.      Turn the air con on

This may feel counterintuitive but turning on your aircon as you work your heating will keep the air in the car dry, reducing any moisture from forming in the car.

3.      Open your windows

Roll down your windows to get some cold air into the car. This helps because the dry, cold air from outside can help reduce the amount of water vapour inside the car, stopping the screen misting up.


Our top tip: It’s been proven that keeping your windscreen clean can be an affective preventative measure in stopping it mist up in the first place.  Therefore, our top tip is to clean your windscreen with shaving foam - this protective barrier won't last forever and may need to be repeated. However, it has been proven to be affective with ice hockey players cleaning their face masks before a game when they’re on the ice rink!

 Follow our fool proof method to clearing your windscreen this winter and you should be on your way in no time. Stay up to date with the latest car owner news, tips + guides, shared by our experts straight to our blog hub here!


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