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Image shows a happy couple in their unfinished kitchen choosing what paint colour to use on the walls.

The best home improvement projects for increasing property value

Georgie Wood
July 12, 2024
Boost your property's value with these top home improvement projects. BIG Warranties offers tips on the best ways to enhance your home's appeal. Learn more now!
Image shows someone cleaning their window with yellow rubber gloves on. There is also a yellow spray cleaning bottle placed on the windowsill next to them.

Summer cleaning hacks

Georgie Wood
July 4, 2024
Discover summer cleaning hacks to keep your home cool and fresh. BIG Warranties shares tips on ventilation, window cleaning, refrigerator maintenance and more!
Family in kitchen cooking together

The benefits of multi appliance insurance

Georgie Wood
June 27, 2024
Discover the benefits of insuring multiple appliances with BIG Warranties. Enjoy broad coverage, 20% discount when you insure four appliances and peace of mind.
Image shows a man in jeans and a blue shirt loading his dishwasher up

Dishwasher care guide - mishaps to avoid

Georgie Wood
June 18, 2024
Learn essential tips from BIG Warranties on avoiding common dishwasher mishaps and maximising performance for spotless dishes and longer machine lifespan.
Image shows cleaning products in a basket on a kitchen table. There is a plant in the background.

Summer maintenance tips for your appliances

Georgie Wood
June 7, 2024
Keep your home running smoothly this summer with these essential appliance maintenance tips. Extend the lifespan of your appliances and prevent breakdowns.
Young African-American couple loading their suitcases into their car on their driveway, getting ready to go on holiday. They are happy and smiling at each other.

How to keep your home safe while you're away

Georgie Wood
May 30, 2024
Discover practical tips to protect your home while you're on holiday. From video doorbells to smart lightbulbs, ensure your home remains secure in your absence.
Image shows a dad and his son in the kitchen helping each other unload the dishwasher.

Your guide to appliance insurance

Georgie Wood
May 15, 2024
Explore appliance insurance with BIG Warranties. Get extensive coverage, multi-appliance discounts, and quick quotes for reliable, hassle-free protection.
An engineer is investigating a customers broken washing machine. The customer is showing him what the problem is.

Prepare for your engineer visit

Georgie Wood
April 25, 2024
Learn how to prepare for your engineer visit when you've raised an appliance claim with BIG Warranties. Discover essential tips for ensuring a smooth process.
Image shows a young man trying to fix his leaky kitchen tap

Quick fixes for common plumbing issues

Georgie Wood
April 17, 2024
Discover DIY solutions for common plumbing problems in your home and ensure peace of mind with comprehensive plumbing and drainage cover from BIG Warranties.
A woman standing on a step ladder measuring a wall in her home to see where to place a picture.

DIY projects you can do in a weekend

Georgie Wood
March 27, 2024
Transform your space with 10 DIY projects this weekend. From painting rooms to installing shelves, enhance your home with expert tips from BIG Warranties.
Image shows a wooden garden furniture table and two chairs. They are placed on a balcony and there is a green potted plant on the table.

Easy ways to make your garden furniture last longer

Georgie Wood
March 20, 2024
Discover ways to extend the lifespan of your garden furniture. From durable materials to regular maintenance, ensure your outdoor oasis stands the test of time.
Image shows a clean bathroom set up of a shower unit with black accents and the bathroom has been decorated with some folded towels and green plants.

Ways to create a more eco-friendly bathroom

Georgie Wood
March 19, 2024
Discover eight simple yet effective ways to create an eco-friendly bathroom and save money on utility bills. Explore eco-friendly living with BIG Warranties.
Image shows a young, brown haired woman spring cleaning her bathroom

How to tackle the big spring clean

Georgie Wood
February 28, 2024
Get ready to tackle your spring cleaning with confidence! Dive in to discover essential tips & common mistakes to avoid so that you can spring clean like a pro.
Image shows a freestanding washing machine in a light, airy room.

Washing machine care guide - mishaps to avoid

Georgie Wood
February 26, 2024
Explore expert insights from BIG Warranties on mastering washing machine care. Discover common mishaps to avoid and practical tips for optimal performance.
Oven half open with possible breakdown fault

Maximising the lifespan of your appliances

Georgie Wood
January 26, 2024
Every homeowner knows the value of their household appliances, so how can you extend their lifespan and prevent future breakdowns?
A single hand holding a model house on their palm

Home emergency insurance - what is it & is it worth it?

Georgie Wood
January 24, 2024
Discover what home emergency insurance is and learn how BIG Warranties can protect you from unexpected costs related to plumbing, electrical and heating issues.
Image shows a kitchen decorated for Christmas.

How you can protect your home at Christmas

Georgie Wood
November 28, 2023
Have you considered how to protect your home at Christmas? Dive in to find out how BIG Warranties' policies can help to protect your home this festive season.
Close up image of a pair of green socks hanging out of washing machine.

How to fix a washing machine not draining

Ruby Fuller
November 23, 2023
Understand why your washing machine isn't draining and find out how you can resolve this issue quickly, so that you can still tackle your dirty laundry pile!
Image shows a man's hand with a cloth in it, cleaning his car's engine bay

How to keep your engine bay in top condition

Ruby Fuller
November 13, 2023
Wondering how to clean your engine bay? Read this blog to find out how to clean your car's engine bay, so that it remains in top condition for years to come.
Big Warranties landlord cover. Young female landlord shows male couple paperwork in a property.

Fair wear and tear in rental properties

Ruby Fuller
November 10, 2023
When renting out a property, it's essential to understand the concept of fair wear and tear. Our blog explains what it is & how you can protect your property.
Mother and daughter doing washing together

What is eco wash & how can you utilise it?

Ruby Fuller
October 4, 2023
Explore the essence of Ecowash with Big Warranties! Delve into the benefits, best practices, and impacts on energy bills and the environment.
A brown pillowcase and a pair of brown socks drying on a small white airer in the centre of a bedroom next to an open air clothing rack and a washing basket, the clothing has several brown wooden pegs fixing the clothing down to the dryer

Dryer balls - reduce your dryer's energy consumption by 30%

Ruby Fuller
September 29, 2023
Save money & reduce energy while doing laundry with Dryer Dots. Learn how they work, how to use them & where to buy them in this guide from BIG Warran
Young male plumbing engineer wearing a blue baseball cap and a checked work shirt crouched beneath a white boiler that has been fixed to the wall looking at one of the several red and copper pipes coming from underneath the boiler unit while he adjusts a nut with his hands

Boiler cover guide - protect your home

Ruby Fuller
September 24, 2023
Understand what you need to know about boiler cover, what is it, whether you need it, plus our top-pick policies if you do decide it's right for you!
Damp on a cement wall

Prevent damp walls this winter

Ruby Fuller
September 22, 2023
Navigate through damp issues with Big Warranties’ in-depth guide on damp prevention and treatment. Uncover practical strategies, from proper ventilati
3 pairs of jeans drying on a hanger

How to dry your clothes indoors this winter

Ruby Fuller
September 20, 2023
Navigate winter with Big Warranties’ essential guide to drying clothes indoors! Uncover tips for effective drying, damp prevention, & energy conservat
Woman checking stains have been cleaned coming out of a washing machine

Slash laundry expenses with these expert tips

Ruby Fuller
September 4, 2023
Save up to £159 annually on your laundry expenses with Big Warranties' comprehensive guide.
Woman's hand choosing energy efficient setting on a washing machine

Maximize appliance efficiency: your guide to cost-effective usage

Ruby Fuller
August 2, 2023
Discover how to use your home appliances efficiently with BIG Warranties. Learn practical tips to reduce energy consumption and save money at the same
A hand scrubbing away at mould on a wall with hot soapy water

Who is responsible for cleaning mould in a rented property? Our comprehensive guide

Ruby Fuller
July 27, 2023
Learn about the responsibilities of landlords & tenants in dealing with mould in rented properties in the UK and how you can prevent mould outright.
Couple sat together on kitchen floor with dishwasher open smiling at a phone. This image links to a blog post.

Is appliance insurance the money saving hack you're missing?

Ruby Fuller
July 11, 2023
Is appliance insurance is worth the investment? Discover how it can save you money on expensive repairs & replacements.
Front of a house protected by home emergency insurance

Complete this home health check to avoid costly expenses

Ruby Fuller
June 27, 2023
Complete our comprehensive home health check to help you identify potential risks that could lead to unnecessary costs and how you can avoid them.
Man looking through paperwork

Landlord's guide to the new renter's reform bill - BIG Warranties

Ruby Fuller
June 8, 2023
Explore our comprehensive guide on the Renters' Reform Bill. Stay informed about your obligations as a landlord and discover how BIG Warranties can as
Woman holding up keys to new happy tenant

Landlord repair responsibilities- protect your property

Ruby Fuller
June 6, 2023
Understand your responsibilities as a landlord for repairs and gain knowledge to help you manage this aspect of your rental property.
A close frame shot of a womans legs knelt down on a gravel path in the garden wearing gardening gloves using a snipping tool to trim back the weeds. Wearing white canvas shoes and ripped skinny jeans with a flannel shirt.

Natural weed killers for your garden: BIG Warranties expert guide

Ruby Fuller
May 23, 2023
Keep your garden weed-free with natural remedies. BIG Warranties shares expert tips on how to keep your garden looking tip top this summer.
Open hand holding black bugs in the palm on a windowsill beneath the window

Tips to avoid bugs in your home this summer

Ruby Fuller
May 19, 2023
Stay bug-free and enjoy the summer to the fullest! Protect your home from bugs and pests this summer with expert tips from BIG Warranties.
Woman with long brown hair wearing dungarees looking inside an open silver fridge freezer with a drawing of a tomato, shopping list and a bakery menu stuck to the front with round fridge magnets

Avoid a fridge freezer breakdown this summer

Ruby Fuller
May 16, 2023
Ensure efficient operation and prevent breakdowns of your fridge freezer this summer. Save energy & keep your appliance in top shape.
Picture of two domestic appliances side by side in a kitchen with a focus on one of the appliances on off button

Locate model and serial numbers on your homes appliances

Ruby Fuller
May 3, 2023
Step by step guide on how to quickly locate model and serial numbers on your home appliances
A close up of a small brown mice smelling a small pile of its droppings alongside a frayed wire that's plugged into the wall socket on the white wall behind the mouse

Suspect a rat infestation in your home? Follow our top tips

Ruby Fuller
February 28, 2023
Suspect a Rat infestation? Our experts have put together some advice on keeping the situation under control before calling in the professionals.
A man wearing a dark green hooded jumper with his young son who his wearing a burgundy jumper stands over the front of a car bonnet on their driveway inspecting under the bonnet of the silver car while the dad smiles down lovingly at the little boy

Reduce the risk of failing your MOT

Ruby Fuller
February 23, 2023
Essential tips to help you increase your chances of passing your MOT test that you can easily apply in your driveway at home.
Blonde woman stood in her kitchen wearing a black and white striped t-shirt wearing yellow cleaning gloves while she cleans her ovens extractor fan that is coming from her white kitchen cabinets using a cloth and some liquid from a cleaning bottle on the counter

Maintenance tips for 5 common household appliances

Ruby Fuller
February 9, 2023
Save money on your energy bills and prevent future breakdowns by ensuring your household appliances are well maintained.
Repair dont replace

Protect your appliances - save money and stress

Ruby Fuller
January 20, 2023
The current cost of living crisis means many of us can't afford to be hit with a big payment coming out of our bank account. Appliance cover is bec...
Close up shot of hands wearing thick black gloves and a dark grey hoodie sleeve holding a bright red crow bar breaking into an old wooden white window frame with the sun set in the background

Secure your home this Christmas

Ruby Fuller
December 19, 2022
Keep your home secure this Christmas time with our expert advise to restore some peace of mind.
Close up view of a cars rear wheel driving on the snow with tyre tracks beneath the wheels and snow clogged up inside the tread of the tyres with white covered trees behind the car

How to drive in sub-zero temperatures

Ruby Fuller
December 13, 2022
Recent changes in weather conditions requires drivers to adapt their driving technique - follow our advice and stay safe!
A male drivers hands holding the steering wheel across the top while the wiper blades are going across the misty screen while the rain pours down on the car reducing visbility

Demist your windscreen quickly this winter

Ruby Fuller
December 6, 2022
Get on your way with a clear windscreen this winter by applying Big Warranties 3 step method to ensuring your windscreen clears quickly
Overhead close view of a small round white bathroom sink with a singular limescale free stainless steel tap following BIG Warranties cleaning guide.

How to remove limescale from your bathroom

Ruby Fuller
November 21, 2022
Limescale can really build up over time, without being properly treated or removed it can cause real issues for your home.
Man wearing a smartwatch and a black short sleeve t-shirt holds his small child wearing blue jeans and a grey striped shirt while he hugs his side watching a smartphone on its side leant against the front of a car while parked at the beach front

Your guide to home emergency cover

Ruby Fuller
October 18, 2022
From faulty boilers to issues with home security, a breakdown in the home can cause stress and unaffordable expense.
Man leaning against

Landlord home emergency insurance - what is covered?

Ruby Fuller
October 2, 2022
Do you know whats covered in our 5* Landlord Home Emergency cover? Have you considered the benefits of taking out Landlord insurance?
Man leaning up against car bonnet on his phone waiting for BIG Warranties motor breakdown recovery to quickly get him off the roadside.

Motor breakdown cover - is it necessary?

Ruby Fuller
August 30, 2022
With the cost of living rising, is a motor breakdown policy necessary for all drivers and what does it actually cover?
EPC homes

What do the potential EPC changes mean for landlords?

Ruby Fuller
August 2, 2022
We understand that for landlords there are many hoops you need to jump through in order to rent your property out and ensure it is safe for tenant...
Customer research

Landlord checklist - what you need to know

Ruby Fuller
July 22, 2022
Landlords have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to the general maintenance of a property – and there are a few regulations you will be requi...

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