Washing machine care guide - mishaps to avoid

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February 26, 2024
Image shows a freestanding washing machine in a light, airy room.
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Essential guidelines for optimal performance and maintenance

Are you maximising the efficiency of your washing machine, or inadvertently subjecting it to damage with each laundry cycle? At BIG Warranties, as experts in home appliance insurance, we recognise the significance of proper upkeep to ensure your washing machine's longevity and functionality.

In this blog, we delve into common mishaps to avoid when using your washing machine, accompanied by actionable tips to enhance its performance and durability.

Our top tips for washing machine care

1. Mindful loading practices

We understand it's tempting to overload your washing machine when you've got what feels like a never-ending pile of laundry to get through. However, exceeding the recommended capacity not only compromises washing quality but also strains your machine's components over time. We recommend adhering to the suggested load capacity for your specific model to maintain optimal performance. Additionally, ensure there's sufficient space between the load and the drum's top to prevent overcrowding.

2. Optimal detergent usage

Unfortunately, using excessive detergent doesn't equate to cleaner clothes; instead, it can leave residues and cause skin irritation. We advise consulting your washing machine's manual to determine the appropriate detergent quantity, based on the load size for effective cleaning without unnecessary build-up.

3. Separate laundry into colours

Prevent dreaded colour bleeding mishaps by sorting your laundry before washing. Separating whites, darks, and colours minimises the risk of colour transfer and maintains the vibrancy of your clothes.

4. Temperature precision

Washing clothes at the wrong temperature can lead to shrinkage or ineffective stain removal. By referring to garment care labels for recommended washing temperatures, you can adjust your washing machine settings accordingly to achieve optimal results.

5. Scheduled service washes

Regularly cleaning your washing machine is essential to prevent odours and maintain wash quality. We recommend scheduling routine service washes and utilise detergent or specialised cleaners to remove build-up and uphold freshness.

6. Proper levelling

We understand that balancing your washing machine might not be a priority. However, an unbalanced machine can cause excessive vibration and noise, potentially damaging internal components. Use a spirit level to ensure your machine is correctly levelled for smooth operation.

7. Check pockets

Avoid potential damage and dirty laundry by checking pockets for items like coins or tissues before loading the machine. Vigilance in this simple task can prevent accidents during the wash cycle.

8. Routine maintenance reminders

We understand that routine maintenance might seem tedious. However, consistent maintenance is paramount for prolonging your washing machine's lifespan. Keep the door and detergent drawer clean, clear lint from filters, and ensure adequate airflow to prevent mould and bacterial growth.

By understanding these common mishaps and implementing our expert advice, you can enjoy cleaner clothes and extend the longevity of your washing machine. Remember, investing in proper maintenance and care today can save you time and money on unnecessary repairs tomorrow. Trust BIG Warranties to safeguard your appliances and provide peace of mind for years to come.

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Image shows a freestanding washing machine in a light, airy room.

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