Slash laundry expenses with these expert tips

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September 4, 2023
Woman checking stains have been cleaned coming out of a washing machine
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Reduce your laundry costs

At Big Warranties, our commitment extends beyond just safeguarding your appliances. We're dedicated to helping you harness your full potential. From your washing habits to your choice of detergent, strategic changes can lead to substantial savings and enhanced appliance longevity.

1. Embrace cooler washes: Save up to £40

Gone are the days when hot washes were the norm. With advancements in technology, washing machines today are engineered to deliver impeccable results even at lower temperatures. Transitioning from 40°C to 30°C not only conserves up to 38% energy but also reduces your carbon footprint. Opting for 20°C further amplifies your savings, slashing energy consumption by an impressive 62%. This environmental consciousness also translates to a tangible annual saving of £40.

Deep dive into cooler temperatures:

- Liquid detergents have evolved to perform exceptionally well at lower temperatures, ensuring stains are effectively tackled.

- Pre-treating stubborn stains gives them a head start, enhancing the overall cleaning process.

- A monthly maintenance wash prevents detergent residues, ensuring your machine operates at peak efficiency and prolonging its lifespan.

- Cooler washes also reduce wear and tear on your clothes, preserving their colour and fabric integrity.

2. Tumble dryer maintenance: unlock a £29 Saving

Tumble dryers, especially during the colder months, are indispensable. However, like all appliances, their efficiency can diminish without regular upkeep. Some machines, after consistent use, showed a staggering 50% increase in energy consumption, all due to maintenance oversight. A few minutes dedicated to your dryer's care can prevent this spike, saving you £29 annually.

The Importance of regular maintenance:

- Filters, when congested, make the machine exert more, leading to higher energy consumption.

- A pristine heat exchanger ensures optimal heat distribution, drying your clothes faster and more evenly.

- Periodic checks for any wear and tear can prevent costly repairs down the line.
Remember, a well-maintained dryer also ensures your clothes remain in top condition, preventing shrinkage or damage.

3. Bigger loads, bigger savings: Trim £11 off your bill

It's tempting to run small washes, especially when you need that particular outfit. However, machines consume almost the same energy regardless of load size. Consolidating your laundry, waiting for a full load, can lead to a 17% energy saving, which equates to £11 annually.

Maximizing each wash:

- A full drum ensures the machine's energy consumption is justified, reducing the number of washes and saving energy.

- Appropriate wash settings tailored to the load ensure efficient cleaning without energy wastage.

- Fewer washes also mean reduced detergent usage, leading to further savings and less environmental impact.

4. Choose the right detergent and pocket £79

Branding is influential, but it's crucial to see beyond the marketing. Some detergents can cost a staggering 48p per wash. In contrast, others, which might be more effective, come in at a mere 10p. An informed choice, backed by research, can lead to an annual saving of £79.

Making the right choice:

- Reviews, testimonials, and expert opinions can guide you to detergents that offer value for money.

- Liquid detergents, especially eco-friendly ones, often provide better results at lower temperatures.

- Concentrated formulas mean you use less per wash, stretching the product further and reducing plastic waste.

5. Seek outstanding value

Value is a blend of quality and cost. At Big Warranties, we spotlight products that promise exceptional performance without a hefty price tag. Whether you're scouting for washing machines, tumble dryers, or detergents, there's a value-packed option curated just for you.

Spotting value:

- Look for energy efficiency ratings. Over time, an energy-efficient appliance can lead to significant savings.

- Warranty and after-sales service can add value, ensuring you're covered for any unforeseen issues.

- Features and functionalities should align with your needs. Paying for additional features you won't use doesn't represent good value.

Laundry, a seemingly mundane task, can be transformed into an efficient and cost-effective process with the right strategies. At Big Warranties, we're your trusted partner, guiding you at every step, ensuring you extract the best from your appliances while keeping expenses minimal. Here's to a smarter, more efficient laundry routine, and substantial savings!

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