How you can protect your home at Christmas

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November 28, 2023
Image shows a kitchen decorated for Christmas.
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How can I protect my home this Christmas?

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, and for many of us, that means welcoming friends and family into our homes to celebrate Christmas together. While it's a time of joy and togetherness, it can also be stressful for many homeowners. This is because preparing your home for Christmas and guests is not just about decorating and cooking a feast; it's also about ensuring that your home is safe and protected from any unexpected emergencies. That's where BIG Warranties come in, offering you home emergency and appliance insurance to provide you with peace of mind this festive season.

Our experts have detailed some essential ways you can prepare your home for Christmas and how we've got you covered should any unexpected emergencies happen.

Protect your kitchen

Your kitchen is about to experience its busiest time of year, meaning your appliances could be more prone to breaking down leaving you with an extra unwanted cost. We recommend insuring your appliances in time for the big day, so that you can cook your Christmas feast with ease. BIG Warranties appliance insurance gives you protection against accidental damages or breakdowns, covering the cost of your repair. Also, if you insure four or more of your appliances with us, you'll receive 20% discount off your policy.

Plan for plumbing problems

Guests staying in your home during Christmas can put a strain on your plumbing system. Make sure you're protected against the extra demand over the festive period with BIG Warranties home emergency cover. We've got your back should you suffer from a plumbing emergency such as a flood, loss of water supply, or blocked drains.

Check your heating system

It's important to check your heating system is running efficiently before your friends and family come to stay, because nobody wants to be in a cold house at Christmas! BIG Warranties boiler cover will protect you should yours decide to breakdown over the festive period. We can also give you up to £500 towards a replacement boiler should you need it.

Avoid being left in the dark

Take extra care when putting Christmas lights up inside your home this year. If your lights are not wired safely and correctly an electrical fault such as a trip circuit can occur, leaving you and your guests in the dark this Christmas. With BIG Warranties home emergency cover you can relax over the festive period, knowing you're protected should an electrical fault occur. We have a nationwide network of engineers on hand whenever you need them, and our lines are open 24/7 should you need support.

Secure your home against break-ins

Unfortunately the festive season is renowned for a sharp spike in the number of home break-ins. We recommend minimising this risk by checking your locks and entry points are secure. For extra protection and peace of mind, we suggest investing in a video doorbell. Check out's best video doorbells here. To find out more ways you can secure your home this Christmas, read our blog.

As you prepare your home to welcome friends and family to stay this festive season, don't forget to make protecting your home against unexpected and costly emergencies a priority. BIG Warranties offer comprehensive solutions to ensure your festive celebrations go as smooth as possible. Give yourself peace of mind this Christmas by getting a home emergency, boiler or appliance quote today.

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