Boiler cover guide - protect your home

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September 24, 2023
Young male plumbing engineer wearing a blue baseball cap and a checked work shirt crouched beneath a white boiler that has been fixed to the wall looking at one of the several red and copper pipes coming from underneath the boiler unit while he adjusts a nut with his hands
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Boiler cover - a wise investment for your home

Nothing beats the comfort of a warm and cosy living room in the winter, however, a sudden boiler breakdown can leave you out in the cold – literally! That's when boiler cover comes to the rescue. Boiler cover is the safety net for costly heating problems and a wise investment for every homeowner and landlord.

We'll explore the benefits of boiler cover, how it works, and why BIG Warranties is the leading brand provider for boiler cover and home emergency insurance.

Understanding boiler cover: the basics

Boiler cover is designed to protect you from the cost of unexpected boiler repairs. It ensures that your boiler is well-maintained, and if it breaks down, a certified Gas Safe engineer will be sent to investigate the issue and repair it if possible. Boiler cover plans vary, so choosing a plan that suits your needs and budget is crucial.

BIG Warranties offers a range of boiler cover plans tailored to your requirements, ensuring that your home's heating system is well-protected. With BIG Warranties boiler cover, you'll get unlimited callouts, (including all parts and labour), and an annual boiler service to keep your boiler running smoothly - find out more about our comprehensive boiler cover now!

The benefits of boiler insurance

Your boiler is crucial to your home's infrastructure, providing heating and hot water throughout the year. Like any other appliance, boilers can break down unexpectedly, and repair or replacement costs can be high. That's why it's essential to consider protecting your boiler with the right cover plan. Here are some of the main benefits of a boiler cover plan:

Cost savings: Boiler cover can save you money in the long run, as it covers the costs of unexpected repairs and breakdowns.

Efficiency and safety: Regular boiler services are included in a vast majority of boiler cover plans, this will ensure your boiler will run efficiently and safely, saving you even more money on your energy bills.

Convenience: Having a certified Gas Safe engineer sent out to your home to fix your boiler as soon as possible means no more frantically searching for qualified heating engineers when you desperately need them!

Peace of mind: The greatest benefit of having a boiler insurance policy is having peace of mind knowing that you're protected against costly breakdowns.

Ready to take the first step towards protecting your boiler? Get a quick quote now!

Boiler cover vs home insurance: understand the difference

It's crucial to understand the difference between boiler cover and home insurance when evaluating options to protect your home. While both policies aim to safeguard your property, they offer distinct types of protection.

Boiler cover is specifically designed to cover your home's heating system, including repairs, servicing, and replacement parts. On the other hand, home insurance provides more comprehensive protection for your home and its contents, covering risks such as natural disasters, theft, and accidental damage. For optimal protection and peace of mind, consider investing in a separate boiler cover plan from BIG Warranties to complement your existing home insurance policy.

Want to find out more about how home emergency differs from standard home insurance? Check out our in depth article about it here.

Why choose BIG Warranties?

BIG Warranties is a leading brand in the boiler protection industry, offering a range of plans to suit your needs and budget. Here's what sets BIG Warranties apart:

Comprehensive cover: Our boiler cover plans provide comprehensive protection, including unlimited callouts, repairs ,and an annual boiler service.

Expertise: We work with certified Gas-Safe engineers, ensuring that your boiler is in expert hands.

Customer support: With excellent customer support, BIG Warranties is always ready to help you with your boiler cover needs, even if thats in the middle of the night or on a bank holiday.

Not only does a boiler cover save you money in the long run, but it also ensures your boiler runs efficiently and safely, reducing energy bills and prolonging the lifespan of your appliance. Plus, the convenience of having a certified Gas Safe engineer on hand when you need them most is invaluable.

So, don't wait for a breakdown to catch you off guard – take the proactive approach and invest in a boiler cover plan today.

For more information on boiler cover, visit our boiler insurance page and get in touch with our friendly team, we're here to help you find the perfect boiler cover plan for your home.

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