Your guide to home emergency cover

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October 18, 2022
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Is your home fully protected?

Home emergency cover and standard home insurance may seem very similar on paper, but the features they offer vary and cover you for different situations.

Home insurance vs home emergency cover

Home insurance ensures that any unforeseen expenses and liabilities associated with homeownership such as theft, weather damage, fire or burglary are covered.

Home insurance also covers the costs of extra living expenses, such as hotels or bills, should your home become uninhabitable after an event. Some policies will even cover the costs of medical bills if someone gets injured in your home. However, with all insurance policies – there are different levels of cover you can opt for. Where home insurance will keep your four walls and your roof in place, a home emergency policy serves a very different purpose.

What is home emergency cover and why do I need it?

When you own a home, you are solely responsible for every aspect of the property, from your boiler and plumbing to electrical systems. Therefore, if you spring a leak, lose power, or experience a boiler breakdown, the repair or replacement price to resolve that home emergency falls on you.

A home emergency policy will keep your heating, water, electrics, and boiler in working condition – covering you against any such home breakdowns or faults. Home emergency cover is designed specifically to work alongside household building & contents insurance, acting as a kind of safety net for your home's internal systems. Minimise disruption and frustration when an emergency strikes with a home emergency policy from Big Warranties.

Features of our home emergency cover

24/7 emergency helpline - A home emergency policy will protect you from unforeseen urgent matters in your home, so you can rest assured we are on hand to help 24/7 with our emergency claims system.

Electrical supply - An electrical failure in your home can leave you in the dark, and without crucial appliances that keep your home running, causing a great deal of stress. Let us handle it for you, with a team of electricians on hand to help.

Water supply & plumbing - A home without running water is a home in a crisis. Your kitchen appliances, boiler and bathroom all rely on a water supply that is functioning properly – we understand that when that stops you need a solution fast. Our policy provides the peace of mind in knowing if this were to ever occur in your home our experts would be out to you in a flash.

Boiler & central heating cover - A boiler is arguably the most important appliance in a home, providing hot water and heat year-round. Therefore, you need a policy you can rely on when your boiler breaks down. Our boiler cover provides peace of mind with fast repairs and replacements. We will contribute up to £50 towards the cost of alternative heating sources until the issue is resolved entirely and your home is back up and running.

Pest infestation - From fleas to bedbugs, rats to birds, pests can often make themselves comfortable in our homes. Our comprehensive home emergency cover can help by getting a pest control expert out to you ASAP.

Keys, security & access - We cover repairs for the damage or failure of any locks, windows or doors. If the only key to your home is lost or damaged we will also appoint an approved contractor to get you in in no time.

For ultimate cover for your home, a home emergency policy is a crucial add-on alongside your home insurance. Get an instant quote online now or give us a call on 0333 370 4242.

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