What is eco wash & how can you utilise it?

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October 4, 2023
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Eco wash unveiled & understood

In an era marked by rising energy costs and environmental consciousness, optimizing appliance usage is crucial. The eco wash feature found in modern washing machines is a response to this need, promising energy efficiency and conservation. In this comprehensive guide by Big Warranties, we explore what Eco wash means for your clothes, energy bills, and the environment, offering insightful tips to maximize the benefits of this feature.

Understanding eco wash

Eco wash, or eco mode, is a feature designed to reduce energy and water consumption during wash cycles. It operates at lower temperatures, extending wash times to compensate for reduced heat, ensuring clothes are cleaned effectively while minimizing energy usage and environmental impact.

Benefits of eco wash

Energy efficiency

Eco wash uses less energy by operating at lower temperatures, contributing to lower electricity bills and reduced carbon footprint.

Water conservation

This feature optimizes water usage, leading to the conservation of this precious resource and reduced utility bills.

Gentle on clothes

Washing at lower temperatures is gentler on fabrics, preserving the quality and longevity of your clothes.

Environmental impact

Reduced energy and water consumption contribute to environmental conservation, aligning with sustainable living principles.

Best practices for eco wash

Use suitable detergent

Opt for detergents formulated for low-temperature washing. These detergents dissolve effectively at lower temperatures, ensuring optimal cleaning.

Load optimization

Maximize the load capacity without overloading to optimize the efficiency of eco wash. A balanced load ensures effective cleaning and rinsing.

Regular maintenance

Maintain your washing machine regularly to ensure the efficiency of eco wash. Clean filters, check hoses, and schedule periodic professional maintenance with Big Warranties.

Sorting clothes

Sort clothes based on fabric type and colour. Use eco wash for lightly soiled and delicate fabrics to preserve their quality.

Avoiding high spin speeds

Opt for lower spin speeds to reduce energy consumption and be gentler on your clothes.

Impact on energy bills

Utilizing eco wash can lead to significant savings on energy bills. The reduced temperature and optimized water usage translate to lower energy consumption, aligning with the rising need for energy-efficient appliances in the face of escalating energy costs.

Eco wash is more than just a feature; it’s a step towards sustainable living. By understanding and utilizing eco wash effectively, you can ensure the cleanliness and longevity of your clothes, save on energy bills, and contribute to environmental conservation. It’s about making informed choices and adopting responsible practices for a sustainable future.

At BIG Warranties, we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your appliances while promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. Contact us for professional advice, maintenance services, and warranty/ insurance solutions tailored to your needs, and let’s embark on a journey towards a greener, more cost-effective lifestyle together.

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