Suspect a rat infestation in your home? Follow our top tips

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February 28, 2023
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What to do if you suspect rats have infested your home

Discovering a rat infestation in your home can be a stressful and unpleasant experience. Rats can carry diseases and cause damage to your property, so it's important to act as soon as you suspect an infestation.

At Big Warranties our experts have put together some advice on the steps you can take before calling in the professionals.


Look for signs of infestation

The first step in dealing with a rat infestation is to look for signs of their presence. These can include droppings, gnaw marks on furniture or walls, shredded paper or fabric, and footprints or rub marks on surfaces. You may also hear scratching or rustling noises in walls or ceilings.

Locate the entry points

Rats can enter your home through small holes or cracks in the foundation, walls, or roof. Look for any gaps or openings that rats could use to get inside, and seal them up with steel wool or caulk.

Remove food and water sources

Rats are attracted to sources of food and water, so removing these can help discourage them from staying in your home. Keep food in sealed containers, and clean up spills and crumbs promptly. Fix any leaky pipes or taps and remove standing water from around your home.

Set traps

You can set traps to catch rats and reduce their numbers. Snap traps and live traps are both effective options, but be sure to use them safely and follow the instructions carefully. Check the traps regularly and dispose of any dead rats promptly.

Call in pest control

If you have tried these methods and the infestation persists, it's time to call in a pest control professional. They have the tools and expertise to identify the extent of the infestation and develop a targeted treatment plan to eliminate the rats.


In conclusion, if you suspect a rat infestation in your home, take the time to look for signs of their presence, locate entry points, remove food, and water sources, set traps, use repellents, and clean and sanitize the affected areas. If these methods are not effective, it's time to call in a professional pest control company for help – our home emergency customers can do this by simply raising a claim with us!

By taking prompt action, you can minimize the damage and health risks associated with a rat infestation in your home.

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