Switching over to Direct Debits

Our new easy and flexible way to handle your BIG Warranties insurance payments

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What are Direct Debits?

At BIG Warranties we want to make purchasing your insurance policy easier than ever so we’re switching over to Direct Debits to allow our customers more control and flexibility around their insurance payments. This means you can choose your policy start date and select when your monthly payment comes out.

Even if you have an existing policy with us you can still switch over today. All you need is your policy details and your account number, call us on 0333 733 733 or complete this online.

Switch to Direct Debits

Why should I switch over to a Direct Debit?

There are many benefits to switching over to Direct Debits with us, including better visibility of your outgoing insurance payments. If you’re on an annual policy you can also rest assured that your policy will auto-renew and your home, appliances and motor breakdown journeys will stay protected.

Flexible payment dates to suit you and your monthly outgoings

Peace of mind knowing your policy payments are taken care of

Safeguard your payments three ways

Save money by spreading the cost throughout the year


To make this process easier for you we've complied some FAQ's that we think might help

Can I choose the date of my direct debit?
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Direct debits are a flexible way to manage your insurance payments, you can choose the date that your direct debit will come out each month allowing you more flexibility around your other monthly payments.

What happens if I miss a Direct Debit payment?
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We know that sometimes problems happen. If you know you’re not going to be able to make your payment or it could fail, please call us on 0333 733 0733. If your payment fails, your policy with us may be cancelled.

Why are Direct Debit payments safer?
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Direct Debits are a safe and protected way to make payments as you're offered an immediate money-back guarantee should there be an error in your direct debit payment. You will receive advance notice if there are any changes to the date or amount of your direct debit, and you also have the right to cancel at any time.

What do I do if I lose my card or my card expires?
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This won't affect your Direct Debit payments, even if your card expires or you have to request a new card your direct debits will still run as usual. Giving you the ultimate peace of mind knowing your home, gadgets, and appliances are still protected.

How would I change my details?
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You can change your Direct Debit details at any time by calling us on 0333 333 7333 and changing your details over the phone.

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