Home emergency cover FAQs

Got a question about our home emergency insurance? Our experts have the answers you need. Can't find what you're looking for? Don't fret - give us a call on 0333 370 4242.

What is considered a home emergency?
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A home emergency is a sudden and unexpected event at your property that if not dealt with immediately will make your home unsafe or insecure, or will cause damage or further damage to your home and its contents, or will leave your home without mains services.

Isn't this covered by my home and contents insurance?
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Most home and contents insurance policies do not cover actual emergencies. Our policy is designed to provide cover that compliments your existing home insurance policy – providing much needed aid in emergency situations.

Am I covered if my house is burgled?
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Under the policy, action would be taken to make your home secure again until a permanent solution can be found by you.

What will happen if my home becomes uninhabitable?
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If you have selected our Home Emergency or Home Emergency and Boiler cover where it has not been possible to resolve your emergency, you would be provided with overnight accommodation up to £250.

Do you cover holiday homes or properties abroad?
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We can offer a policy for domestic landlords. Retail, commercial, and other premises used for business are not eligible for this cover. We will cover your property which is a house, bungalow, self-contained flat or maisonette that is owned by you and the occupants of the property are named in the tenancy agreement.

When does my policy begin and how long am I covered for?
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Your policy start date will be shown on your certificate of insurance. Your policy can be be either on an annual basis which continues for a period of twelve months or on a monthly renewable basis.

Is there an age limit for boilers?
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We are able to insure boilers up until the age of 15 years old. Once your boiler is 15 years old we will no longer be able to insure it.

Is there an excess to pay when claiming?
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This depends on what you select when you set up the policy. We offer a £95, £60 or no excess option. There is a minimum compulsory excess of £60 on all claims made within the first 90 days of cover if you have selected no excess.

What is covered for plumbing emergencies?
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If plumbing and drainage is included under your selected cover. We will provide assistance for the bursting or sudden leakage of water pipes within your property or failure of or damage to underground drains or sewers. Toilets are also covered by this policy if it is the only toilet in the house that is inoperable.

Is my roof covered?
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As this policy covers emergencies, general maintenance and upkeep of your roof is not covered.

If you have selected our Home Emergency and Boiler policy, we would offer an emergency repair following missing, broken or loose tiles causing internal water damage.

What is covered regarding pests?
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Our Home Emergency policy assists with an infestation of the following pests: rats, mice, cockroaches, hornets and wasps’ nests.

How do I make a claim?
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- If you hold a domestic policy, please call: 0345 030 5925

- If you hold a landlord policy, please call: 0345 030 5926

- Our terms and conditions can provide you more information about how to make a claim.

- Gas leaks must be immediately notified to the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 before calling our claims team

Are all call out charges, labour and parts included?
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This policy has a claims limit of up to £5,000 per year, and up to £2,500 per claim (inclusive of VAT). You can claim up to 3 times a year covering; call outs, parts and labour.

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